Always looking for new ideas…..

Recently The Aqua Nirvana Foundation founder, Erik Henriksen, and one of our colleagues Ariane Foisy travelled to Alaska. Admiring the clean water sources, they wanted to find ways to broaden our vision and bring additional solutions to our projects.

Alaska is America’s largest state in total area, land area, and water area. There are over 12,000 rivers, of which three are included in the top 10 largest in the USA. The state also has over 3 million lakes, and 5% of its land mass is covered by glaciers. All of these sources are naturally filtered and can potentially be great sources of pure clean water.

The first question when they saw all of this was “How can we bring this to people who do not have access to safe, clean water?”

In Kenya there are less resources for natural water. The longest river, the Tana, is 1,000 Km long. It has smaller tributaries, but unfortunately most of them only have water running through them during the rainy seasons. Not only are the rivers dry for many months each year, but also the people need to share them with the wildlife in those areas. This can pose dangerous situations to the human population because of contamination, disease, or animal attacks.

Unfortunately, we can’t just click our fingers and have natural clean water sources appear. By collecting rainwater, drilling wells and boreholes to underground reservoirs can help.  With the addition of a filter, we can produce clean water at a reasonable cost.

With our investment to research, our team is working to create filters that not only remove viruses, but also make them inactive.  This way when the filters are no longer in use, we know the environment won’t become contaminated again.

We feel that there is much more to be done. The first step is to continue with additional research. We can use this knowledge to present new ideas to the scientists and researchers at Wetsus and CEW.  With these partners we can look forward to additional solutions to help more communities in need of clean, safe drinking water.