ANF’s first water filters are up and running

The Aqua Nirvana Foundation are pleased to announce that the first water purification filters at Basecamp are up and running, which has given staff and visitors the ability to access safe and clean drinking water at all times.

The project came into effect after ANF joined force with partner organisation Basecamp Foundation, a non-profit tourism organisation that works with host communities and partner organisations to create sustainable tourist destinations in developing countries. Their primary objectives are to empower local people and communities, safeguard ecosystems and champion responsible tourism.

ANF representative Robyn Parent said, “We are so pleased that the water filters are now up and running.  Everyone at the scene was jumping up and down when we saw the naturally filtered water gushing out of the pipe and everyone started hugging in cheers of celebration.

“The water purification filters, developed by our partners at Wetsus, will remove contamination from the existing water system. For the people at Basecamp Masai Mara,  having access to water free from parasites means that they are finally able to drink safe water, without having to worry about becoming sick.”