Aqua Nirvana Assists Charity in the Cayman Islands

During the weekend of May 22-24 2015, The Aqua Nirvana Foundation (ANF) will be participating in golf cart races to raise funds and promote awareness for two charities in the Cayman Islands and teach Cayman’s youth about teamwork and responsibility.

The two charities are the Frances Bodden Home for Girls and Feed our Future.

Erik Henriksen, ANF’s Founder, will not only be participating in the race but has also donated funds to build 2 additional golf carts that will be auctioned off before the race to raise money for the two charities.

The golf carts have all been designed and built locally in the Cayman Islands.  Students from Cayman Islands Further Education Centre who, under the leadership of Tom Sperandeo, learned about building electric cars, teamwork, and responsibility built the 2 carts with the funding that was donated by ANF.


Local businessmen have worked to have their custom golf carts made in their own style including everything from a leopard print Hummer, to a red Ferrari, to a beautiful blue Porsche.

Ten participants will race their carts around a circuit at Kirk Supermarket on Sunday May 24, 2015.

“Ladies and gentlemen start your engines!”

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