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Illustration of Erik Henriksen from the Leeuwarden Courant (Read article in Dutch)


Erik Henriksen

As a teenager, Erik Henriksen’s father decided that he needed a dose of reality and took him to the slums of India to see how other children his age were living. He quickly realized how fortunate he was and decided that he needed to change his attitude.  As they were leaving his father asked him what he was going to take away from this experience. He told his father that he was astonished that the children did not even have clean water to drink, let alone all of the luxuries he was growing up with. That was when Erik first decided that he needed to find a way to help out.

After several years and, lots of hard work, he is finally realizing his dream:

Everyone on the globe should have accessible, affordable, clean, and safe, drinking water.

Erik set up The Aqua Nirvana Foundation in 2006, as a privately funded, non-profit organization with the aim of bringing clean and safe water to people in developing countries. The Aqua Nirvana Foundation does this by investing in technologies that are fully sustainable in the long-term and working with local partners. In order to ensure the longevity of the Foundation, ANF is set it up as the sole Beneficiary of his entire Business Group of Companies, including the primary investment vehicle, Sabaro Investments Limited.

Today the ANF team is completing projects in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, as well as working to find new projects to start in order to fulfill Erik’s dream of bringing clean and safe drinking water to everyone.

Bio snapshot

  • Erik Henriksen (1957-2015), has a diploma in International Shipping from London School of Foreign Trade.
  • Henriksen has been a founder, developer and investor in various companies over the last 30 years including Telecomputing ASA, Intelecom ASA, Discoverer ASA, Tanker Navigation ASA (all companies have been listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange) as well as many private companies including Trader Navigation (UK) Limited.
  • Earlier in his career he worked for F.H. Lorentzen & Co., Oslo, Stolt-Nielsen Group (Oslo and the US), R.S. Platou (Oslo and Hawaii) and was in charge of a joint venture company between R.S. Platou and the Erling Lorentzen Group in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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