Talek Children's School

Current projects

The Talek Children’s School needs 10 000 litres of water per day for the children, but can only afford to pump 6000 litres. The daily shortage leaves children without water for long periods of time, creating desperation. The little water that the school can afford to obtain is unfortunately extremely salty, which as a consequence, is dangerous and does not quench the children’s thirst.


Provide the school with new solar panels, a solar driven pump, storage tank, a water tower and a purification system.

The groundbreaking began on this project in the second week of January 2016. The solar panels have been installed, the construction on the building that will house the Reverse Osmosis unit, and all plumbing will be installed by the middle of February 2016. The RO unit is on its way to Kenya and will be installed upon its arrival.