Talek Health Centre

Current projects

The Talek Health Centre serves as the main referral centre for medical treatments for the people in the surrounding areas of the Masai Mara. Today, the centre lacks the sufficient supply and equipment to maintain clean water.


Building a storage tank, water tower and water kiosk. We are also in the process of installing a treatment system to remove contaminants from existing system.

In January 2016 ANF along with our partners, The Basecamp Foundation, installed a water kiosk to assist the community with the sale of water to the village.  Along with water sales, they plan to sell soap and other cleaning supplies to supplement their water sales.  The new RO unit will supply purified water directly to a faucet at the Kiosk as well as the Health Center where doctors at the clinic have clean water access for their patients.

Once the community has saved up money from these sales for the maintenance and care of an RO system, ANF will install a system to purify the water so that the entire village will have access to safe, clean drinking water.