The village of Lemek

Completed projects

The village of Lemek covers a large area, and the families living on the edges of the village were often without access to water.

In fact, Lemek benefits from a natural spring protected years ago but today there is only one point to fetch water in the center of the town.

There is a small pipe leading to the edge of the village, but it often breaks down due to high traffic and damage by animals. When this pipe breaks, women have to walk kilometers to fetch water for their families several times a day.

The families were looking an alternative solution for water in order to facilitate their daily life. Together with our partners, The Aqua Nirvana Foundation was able to provide a sustainable alternative water soloution for the local community where they can fetch water.

In the Masai Mara area, women and girls are in charge of fetching water. So providing a closer functioning access to water enables women and girls to save time to concentrate on education and spending time with their families and in turn empower themselves.

The Aqua Nirvana Foundation, with the assistance of Basecamp Foundation and the local community decided to install a storage tank surrounded by electric fences in order to prevent any damage caused by the elephants and other wildlife.

Secondly a new pipeline has been installed in order to prevent any additional breakdowns. The Aqua Nirvana Foundation also installed a new tap, replacing the open pipe out of the ground that was used as a tap in the past.

The local families now have a sustainable alternative solution for water.

But, more than simply providing local access to water, The Aqua Nirvana Foundation has brought at the same time, appropriate equipment and therefore, the families are able to save water, travel a shorter distance to fetch water, and spend more time together building their lives.

Finally this new water source will have a very positive impact on women’s lives in Lemek as now they have more time to spend with their children helping them to learn and grow.