Village of Aitong

Current projects

On January 25, 2016, the Aqua Nirvana Foundation met with the area Chief, local elders, and the Water Committee in the Village of Aitong. The meeting was to discuss the possibility of building a water distribution system for the spring catchment they currently have in place.

Currently, the spring has a small concrete basin where the water is collected. This collection point is used for many purposes. The local women gather here to do their laundry, livestock and wildlife gather to drink, water vendors fill their containers, children play in it, and the community uses it for supplying water for drinking, cooking, and for their livestock. While they are making good use of the water, they are also contaminating the supply with all the activities taking place right at the source.

The new system would include protecting the spring from wild animals and livestock with a security perimeter, and installing a storage tank with distribution points in 2 or 3 locations around the village. A trough away from the spring source would also be built for the livestock and wildlife that frequent the spring.

The village has a good supply of water, but they are in need of an appropriate water management system. During dry season they often run out of water and have no funding or plans in place to correct the issue. With the new system the water committee will be able to track and sell the water to locals. With the extra storage and funding from selling the water, the village will be able to maintain their new system and expand their storage options in the future. This will allow them to have a good water supply year round and have the opportunity to sell their water to other villages and camps nearby.