Progress Made at the Talek Children’s School

The Aqua Nirvana Foundation along with the assistance of The Basecamp Foundation has successfully installed a brand new solar powered pump and new faucets at the Talek Boarding School. This solar pump will allow pumping of the borehole water all day, everyday.  In the past with their gas pump the school was only able to pump water twice a day, as they did not have the funds to pay for the fuel.

The Talek Boarding School now has sustainable water available for the students and teachers all day everyday.

Although we had fulfilled our promise to install the solar pump, the sight of mud, slime, and insects around all of the faucets had us very concerned. With agreement from the Headmaster we were able to have some crushed stone installed around each of the faucets. Children and teachers can now have access to the water without standing in the mud.

Unfortunately, many litres of water was going to waste as the taps were sometimes left running or not turned off properly.  To save on water, The Aqua Nirvana Foundation worked with the Basecamp Foundation and a local plumber to supply and install spring operated (auto off) faucets at the borehole and to each of the additional taps on the property.  As soon as the faucet “button” is released the water turns off.  This will save liters of water each day from being wasted and allow them to save water for the, sometimes very long, dry season.

The staff and students at Talek Boarding School are very happy to have full access to water, but that is not enough.

Not only is The Aqua Nirvana Foundation looking at options to install some additional rainwater catchments, we will also be installing a RO Unit at the borehole so that everyone will have access to SAFE, CLEAN, and PURE drinking water.