Research is progressing

The ANF team had the opportunity to attend the Theme meetings at Wetsus regarding the virus control research.

The team that we are partially funding is working to develop membranes to remove and inactivate waterborne viruses that can be used in point of use systems to create clean drinking water that is affordable and easy to use mainly in developing countries and areas without central water treatment.

At the meetings held last week, we were updated on the progress and given insight to all of the hard work, knowledge, and, skills it takes to create such a process and product.

“We have started to develop positively charged membranes by blending and/or coating with PEI (poly-ethylene-imine, a water soluble polycation). It is known from literature that these cationic polyelectrolytes do have anti-viral properties, and also Terica demonstrated on model surfaces this effect on MS2 phages. How these membranes behave in “real life” situations is the next step we have to investigate, and also we have to demonstrate that these membranes do have ant-viral properties for pathogenic viruses”.

A huge thank you goes to Terica and all of the participants of the Virus control team for your dedication and hard work.