Investing in Future Talent

We invest in the most talented experts by sponsoring scientists who display outstanding talent and commitment to their work.
Here are some of our funded scientists:



Terica Sinclair is a PhD student from Jamaica who specialises in membrane engineering and nanotechnology. She is a driven, entrepreneurial and energetic researcher with a clear ambition to make a difference to the wider world. The Aqua Nirvana Foundation has committed to part-funding Terica’s PhD for the next four years.
Terica says: “As an engineer I have the ability to work with the smallest structures in micro and nano labs – as well as the biggest reactors and columns. The development of new materials and processes has already changed the world – and in the future we can do so much more for solving the global water crisis.”


Don Agiro is an outstanding member of staff at the Institute of Environment and Water in Nairobi, Kenya, who is committed to pursuing further research in water management. The Aqua Nirvana Foundation has agreed to sponsor a one year programme for a Master of Science in Environmental and Energy Management. Don’s studies will take place at Twente University in the Netherlands, from September 2014. At the end of the programme, Don will return to Kenya to continue his work addressing water-related problems there.