The Family Trust

The Aqua Nirvana Foundation is part of a long-established Family Trust and is the key component of the Trust’s humanitarian projects.

Funding is provided by proceeds from Sabaro Investment Limited, which is the principal investment vehicle of the above mentioned Family Trust. Incorporated in 1992, Sabaro Investments Limited is an active, long-term investor in private and public markets globally.

The portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries including oil services, information technology, renewable energy and water.

The company’s primary investment strategy is to identify and provide financial support to companies that have long-term growth potential. The trust’s also supports the humanitarian activities of the Heart Centre Monaco at the Princess Grace Hospital.


Wetsus is one of the world’s leading water technology research and innovation centres. Based in the Netherlands, the not-for-profit organisation works as a facilitating intermediary between companies and research institutes from all over Europe – helping these groups join forces to solve the global water crises.

Around 100 member companies invest a total of €20m in the cutting-edge Wetsus research programme every year, which takes place across 20 research institutes around Europe.

Innovation, partnership, joy, cooperation and reliability are the values around which Wetsus operates and performs.

Basecamp Foundation

Basecamp Foundation is a non-profit tourism organisation that works with countries and partner organisations in tourism destinations to create sustainable environments in developing countries.

Basecamp strives to create a forum for host countries to demonstrate the positive impact of tourism on the natural, social and economic environment. Their various ongoing projects include: building health centres, running HIV Voluntary Counselling and providing food supplements for victims of HIV.

Basecamp are also actively working on finding solutions to improve access to clean water in the Masai Mara.